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This homepage was originally designed as a statement of support for the position taken by Albert Einstein in his debate about Quantum Theory with Niels Bohr. I identified Einstein's position as a defence of causality, a long standing philosophical concept made more precise by his notion of locality. Although Einstein first stated the basis of locality in 1948 as the Principle of Local Action (PLA), a study of his articles during 1905-7 makes it clear that PLA lies at the basis of his Theory of Relativity. More recently Max Wallis and I have realized that Einstein's theory of gravity, at any rate in the geometric form he himself most strongly advocated, known as General Relativity, suffers from the same kind of nonlocality as Quantum Theory, and therefore stands in contradiction with what he called "Special" Relativity and what I prefer to call simply Relativity. A summary of our findings is in Collapsed Stars.

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